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Juliana Moreira @ Verissimo - 16/01/10

~~ Posté à l'origine le 5 juin 2011 ~~

Juliana Moreira dans Verissimo - 16/01/10 - 1 Juliana Moreira dans Verissimo - 16/01/10 - 2
Juliana Moreira dans Verissimo - 16/01/10 - 3 Juliana Moreira dans Verissimo - 16/01/10 - 4

Durée : 3' 55''
Taille : 90 Mo
Date de capture : 16 Janvier 2010
Lien : télécharger

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  1. Could you also repost this video?

  2. Well, maybe one day.

  3. So, can you repost it?

  4. It's on my TODO list.
    I have many posts to do this summer. Then, I will repost this one and some others.

  5. Thanks for the repost but I can't download. When I click "télécharger", I can only see the video but not download it. Could you do something to allow me to download the video? Thank you.

  6. Right-click "télécharger" and select "Save the link target as..." or whatever is the translation of this action in your browser. ;)

  7. Finally,I succeeded. Thank you so much. It's too hard if I ask you to repost these videos?
    - http://le-boxon-de-lex.fr/3018/juliana-moreira-et-marysthell-garcia-polanco-the-call-171210
    - http://le-boxon-de-lex.fr/5131/federica-panicucci-et-juliana-moreira-domenica-5-120212

    Thank you for your generosity. Tell me if it's possible. Another thanks, Salvatore.

  8. Sorry, nothing planned for these videos. :/

  9. Don't worry, thanks anyway. If you have any new video of Juliana, post or repost it. I will follow your site. ;)

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